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02/2024 Our paper "The Deep Equilibrium Algorithmic Reasoner" has been accepted at the CVPR Workshop on Multimodal Algorithmic Resoning! This is a collaboration with the amazing Dobrik Georgiev and Pietro Liò on a new model for Neural Algorithmic Reasoning.


05/2023 I am starting a new position as a Senior Deep Learning Researcher at MediaTek Research! I look forward to working with this amazing team.
03/2023 I have successfuly defended my PhD thesis (available here)! I look forward to the next steps in my career.


11/2022 Our paper "Scalable Theory-Driven Regularization of Scene Graph Generation Models" has been accepted for publication at AAAI 2023!
09/2022 Our paper "SizeShiftReg: a Regularization Method for Improving Size-Generalization in Graph Neural Networks" has been accepted for publication at NeurIPS 2022!
09/2022 I am starting as a Research Scientist Intern at Meta AI in London!
08/2022 I have been awarded a Helmholtz Visiting Researcher Grant by HIDA. I will then visit Dr. Bastian Rieck at Helmholtz Munich to collaborate on exciting projects at the intersection of GNNs and topology!
07/2022 I have given a talk at the University of Cambridge about Graph Neural Networks and the problem of size-generalization. Check out the recording here.
04/2022 Our paper "Graph Representation Learning for Multi-Task Settings: a Meta-Learning Approach" has been accepted as oral at IJCNN 2022!
04/2022 I am joining the lab of Professor Pietro Liò at the University of Cambridge for a research visit until July 2022.
01/2022 Our paper "The Impact of Global Structural Information in Graph Neural Networks" has been accepted for publication in Data, special issue Knowledge Extraction from Data Using Machine Learning.


06/2021 I have been accepted for participation at the London Geometry and Machine Learning Summer School (LOGML) 2021.
03/2021 Our paper "Attention-Based Deep Learning Framework for Human Activity Recognition with User Adaptation", which contained the work developed for my Master's thesis, has been accepted for publication on the IEEE Sensors Journal.
01/2021 I will be spending 6 months at Samsung AI Research (Cambridge) under the supervision of Dr. Efthymia Tsamoura.


10/2020 Our paper "A Meta-Learning Approach for Graph Representation Learning in Multi-Task Settings" has been accepted at the NeurIPS Workshop on Meta-Learning (MetaLearn) 2020.
08/2020 I am one of the recipients of the Fondazione Luciano Iglesias Scholarship. (Award given to the 10 best M.Sc. graduates in Computer Engineering at the University of Padova in 2019).
02/2020 Our work "Are Graph Convolutional Networks Fully Exploiting Graph Structure?" has been accepted (Poster) at the ELLIS Workshop on Geometric and Relational Deep Learning.